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Advanced Defrag is a powerful disk defragmentation tool to analyze and defrag hard disks
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23 November 2010

Editor's review

Often at times while carrying out your regular tasks on your PC, you may find it taking an inordinate amount of time and even notice some applications hanging up. This may occur if you have a large amount of data stored in your system which have accumulated over time due to routine activities. You may try removing the temp files, cookies, etc but that doesn’t help much. One of the reasons may be the fragmentation, which often occurs at the time of data or file storage. This situation can be dealt easily with the support from Advanced Defrag 1.8 which comes loaded with a sophisticated feature-set facilitating defragmentation of drives and files for emptying the space on your PC. In addition the application also displays a graphical overview for disk usage, and even supports creating disk and file reports.

The Advanced Defrag 1.8 sports an attractive interface which even a novice can navigate with ease. When the application is launched, it presents your system drives enlisted on program screen, along with the details like Name, Size, Type, and Modified data and time. The toolbar of the program contains Action and Settings for carrying out the process in the desired manner. Before beginning the defragmentation process, you can select any of the drives and analyze it for space details. While the analyzing process is going on and completed, the resulting details are displayed in the form of graphs, simultaneously. Different colors represent specific memory detail like Free, System, Fielder, etc. Now, you can click on ‘Defrag disk’ option to begin cleaning process, which can even be paused, resumes or stopped, as needed. Further, you can change the Analysis view to Grid view or Biscuit view, and get files report or disk report. Moving to Settings option you can use Filter for specifying the filtered folder, file or file type while analyzing or defragging. It supports freeing disk space by cleaning fragmentation found in your system.

By using the Advanced Defrag 1.8 on your PC, you can free significant amount of disk space through its effective defragmentation process. The program earns a score of 4 rating points owing to its owing to its stellar performance and its extensive reporting features.

Publisher's description

Advanced Defrag is a powerful disk defragmentation tool that helps cure system sluggishness and keep your computer fragments-free. It is able to completely analyze and thoroughly defrag hard disks for peak performance. Additionally, Advanced Defrag offers Junk Files Cleaner and Registry Cleaner to optimize your PC by removing junk files and cleaning the registry.
Advanced Defrag key features:
Thoroughly analyze and defragment computer hard disks.
Effectively clean the registry and delete junk files.
Provide both auto & manual defragment.
Real-time defragmentation keeps your PC disks fragment-free forever.
Provide detailed report for each analysis and defragmentation.
User-friendly interface makes defragment easy and simple.
Support external USB device defragmentation.
All windows-based systems compatible.
Advanced Defrag
Advanced Defrag
Version 5.0
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